Hisense announces new mobile phone design with vertical surround screen

Qingdao Hisense Electronic Technology Service Co., Ltd. has announced the appearance patent of its new mobile phone design. The patent was published on February 17 and features a mobile phone with a unique vertical surround screen.

Distinctive Screen Design

The new design features a full-screen display that is curved from the bottom to the back. The screen extends to the rear lens module, giving the phone a seamless, edge-to-edge display.

No Front Camera Opening

The phone does not have an opening for the front camera or a lifting camera at the top. Instead, it is expected to have an under-screen front camera.

Physical Button Layout

In addition to the conventional volume and power buttons, the phone has a suspected camera button at the bottom and a button on the other side of the body. This layout is similar to the design of the Xiaomi MIX Alpha concept model.

Comparison with Xiaomi MIX Alpha

The Xiaomi MIX Alpha concept model features a horizontal surround design with a larger screen ratio. However, it abandons physical buttons for a more conceptual look.

Possible Implications of the New Design

The new design from Hisense is an interesting addition to the mobile phone market. The vertical surround screen design could have implications for phone manufacturers, including:

  • A new trend towards vertical surround screens
  • Increased use of under-screen front cameras
  • More physical button layouts

The new mobile phone design from Hisense is sure to generate interest and excitement in the mobile phone market. We look forward to seeing how it performs in the market and what new developments it may inspire.

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