Kimtigo announces new DDR4 memory upgrade for gamers

Kimtigo has announced a new upgrade to its Tanlangxing vest DDR4 high-speed memory for gamers. The memory stick is designed to cater to the high demands of gamers, who require high-speed operation for optimal performance.

Upgraded using Hynix original particles

The upgraded memory uses high-quality Hynix original particles, ensuring maximum performance and stability. The frequency has also been improved, with the memory capable of achieving speeds of up to 4000MHz.

Priced at 189 yuan

The Greedy Wolf DDR4 4000 desktop 8GB single is priced at 189 yuan, while the 16GB single is priced at 359 yuan. The memory sticks come in two capacity options, 8G and 16G.

Aluminum heat sink and hollow convection groove design

The appearance of the memory stick is made of aluminum heat sink, which allows for strong heat dissipation during high-speed operation. The top hollow convection groove design further enhances the heat dissipation effect of the memory.

Supports XMP one-key overclocking

The memory stick supports XMP one-key overclocking, enabling gamers to achieve optimal performance with just one click. The compatibility and stability of the memory have been thoroughly tested by many motherboard manufacturers, and it is fully compatible with platforms such as Intel and AMD.

Improved reading speed and game frame rate

For gamers who have a high pursuit of game frame rate and image processing, the memory stick comes with two 8G capacity dual channels. This helps to improve the reading speed and game frame rate, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.

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