LG Electronics Buys 58 Domain Names to Combat Online Scams

LG Electronics, a South Korean multinational electronics company, has purchased 58 domain names in an effort to reduce the risk of customers becoming victims of online fraud. The move comes after an increase in scams that use the LG brand name to bait customers. LG Electronics has taken several measures to combat these fraudulent activities and protect the rights of its customers.

Pop-up Warnings on Korean Website

LG Electronics has taken the initiative to warn its customers of possible online scams by introducing a "pop-up window" on its Korean website. The warning provides information on how to identify and report fraudulent activities, including fake websites or requests for upfront payments.

Purchase of Similar Domain Names

In addition to the warning on its website, LG Electronics has also purchased 58 similar domain names to prevent users from being scammed by fraudulent websites masquerading as the company's official website. The domain names include "LG," "LGbrand," and "BEST."

Designation of Reliable Online Retailer

LG Electronics has designated a reliable online retailer as an "Official Authorized Store" to enable users to purchase products on the open market with confidence. The company has posted a banner at the top of the product description page announcing that the retailer is an "officially authorized store." Customers can also search for certified store information through the official LG Electronics website.

Official Letter to Open Markets

To further combat fraudulent activities, LG Electronics plans to send an official letter to each open market requesting more thorough monitoring of fake sites and making it easier for customers to identify official certified stores. The company hopes to block fake sites in advance through this event scam.

Publication of Scam Websites

In addition, LG Electronics plans to publish the fraudulent websites it discovers in the "Scam Website Information" list of the "Seoul E-Commerce Center" or report to the Police Department.

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