Minisforum launches MC560 mini console

Minisforum, a Chinese technology company, has launched the MC560 mini console in China. The mini console has already been released overseas and has been well-received, leading to its launch in China. The MC560 mini console is equipped with a built-in camera and audio, making it a perfect device for video calls, live streaming, and virtual meetings. The device is available in two versions – 16GB + 512GB and 32GB + 512GB – starting at 2,499 yuan.

Powerful Configuration

The MC560 mini console is equipped with an R5 5625U processor with 6 cores and 12 threads. It also has a Vega7 core display. The mini console supports dual-channel notebook DDR4-3200 memory, which can be upgraded up to 64GB. Additionally, the SSD supports PCIe 3.0 specifications, ensuring speedy data transfer.

Versatile Interfaces

The mini console is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, an HDMI interface, a USB-C interface that supports video transmission, as well as USB-A and 3.5 headphone jacks. These interfaces make it easy to connect the device to external displays, cameras, or microphones.

Built-in Camera and Audio

One of the most unique features of the MC560 mini console is the built-in 2.5K 30Hz camera, stereo speakers, and a dual-microphone array. The webcam and audio are integrated into the PC, making the desktop clutter-free. The camera and microphone work well for video calls, online classes, and virtual meetings.

Affordable Price

The MC560 mini console is competitively priced at 2,499 yuan for the 16GB + 512GB version and 2,799 yuan for the 32GB + 512GB version. It offers an affordable and efficient solution for those who want to work or study remotely.

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