Noctua Launches Coolers for Intel's Next-Generation Xeon W2400/3400 Processors

Noctua, a company known for its high-quality coolers, has launched four radiators for Intel's new generation of Xeon W2400/3400 processors. This move is set to change the game for high-end workstations as these coolers can create ultra-quiet workstations that are perfect for people who need to work in a noise-free environment.

Introducing the Coolers

The new NH-U14S DX-4677, NH-U12S DX-4677, NH-U9 DX-4677, and NH-D9 DX-4677 4U are the four coolers that Noctua has launched for the new generation of Xeon W2400/3400 processors. These coolers support Xeon W2400/3400 processors with LGA4677 sockets, making them perfect for creating high-end workstations. In addition, Noctua has released the NM-i4677 mounting kit, which can mount Noctua's DX-4189, DX-3647, and TR4-SP3 series heatsinks on the LGA4677 socket.

Suitable for Tower Cases and 4U Chassis

Noctua says that the 14cm tall NH-U14S DX-4677 and 12cm tall NH-U12S DX-4677 coolers are suitable for tower cases. On the other hand, the smaller NH-D9 DX-4677 4U and NH-U9 DX-4677 are suitable in a 4U chassis.


The pricing for these coolers is as follows:

  • NH-U14S DX-4677: $129.90 (currently about 890 RMB)
  • NH-U12S DX-4677: $129.90 (currently about 890 RMB)
  • NH-U9 DX-4677: $119.90 (currently about 821 RMB)
  • NH-D9 DX-4677 4U: $119.90 (currently about 821 RMB)
  • NM-i4677: $29.90 (currently about 205 RMB)

The Parameters and Prices of Intel's New Generation of Xeon Workstation Processors

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