Nvidia's Mobile RTX 4090 Outperforms Desktop RTX 3090 Ti with TSMC's 4N Process

Graphics card giant Nvidia has stunned the tech industry by releasing a mobile version of the RTX 4090 GPU that can outperform the desktop version of the RTX 3090 Ti. The breakthrough has been achieved by switching to TSMC's 4N process, a high-performance technology that allows the mobile version of RTX 4090 to operate at an exceptional level.

Testing Proves Performance Superiority

According to tests conducted by foreign tech media Notebookcheck and Reddit user Kelzs, the mobile version of RTX 4090 can surpass the desktop version of RTX 3090 Ti when overclocked. The desktop version achieved an average score of 21645 points in the 3DMark Time Spy test. However, the mobile RTX 4090 scored 22254 points in the same test, indicating superior performance.

Power Consumption Remains Low

Despite the exceptional performance, the mobile RTX 4090 maintains a lower power consumption rate than the desktop RTX 3090 Ti. The mobile version's power wall is set at 175W, while the desktop version has a TGP of over 400W. This indicates that the mobile RTX 4090 is much more efficient and consumes less power, which is a significant advantage for mobile players.

Widening Performance Gap

The test results also showed that the performance gap between the mobile and desktop versions of the graphics cards is widening. The gap between the RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU and the desktop RTX 3090 is about 57%. Similarly, the performance gap between the desktop RTX 4090 and the laptop RTX 4090 is around 62%.

Expensive but Worth the Price

Although the mobile version of RTX 4090 is more than twice as expensive as the desktop RTX 3090 Ti, the outstanding performance it offers should satisfy many mobile players. The price tag for the mobile version may be high, but the performance it delivers is undoubtedly worth the investment.

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