Onda launches new B760 motherboard

Onda, a Chinese motherboard manufacturer, launched its new B760-VH5-W motherboard, which supports DDR5 XMP memory and is priced starting at 499 yuan. This new motherboard is expected to provide higher performance and stability than its predecessor, the B750, which was well-received by gamers and enthusiasts.

New Motherboard with Unique Features

According to reports, the new B760 motherboard uses a glacier white PCB and features black technology PECVD protection technology that offers splash water, dust, salt spray, and oxidation resistance. The motherboard supports Intel's latest 13th and 12th generation Core processors (LGA1700) and uses an 8-phase enhanced digital power supply and all solid capacitors to ensure a stable power supply.

The B760 motherboard also supports DDR5 dual-channel XMP memory with speeds of up to 6400MHz, providing faster data transfer rates and better gaming performance. The motherboard uses an M.2 full-speed interface and 3×SATA 3.0, providing users with more storage options. Additionally, the B760 motherboard is equipped with VGA+HDMI output interfaces, Gigabit LAN, and an M.2 WIFI interface, making it suitable for various applications.

Affordable Pricing for High-End Performance

Onda's new motherboard is priced starting at 499 yuan, making it an affordable option for gamers and enthusiasts who are looking for high-end performance without breaking the bank. The company's decision to offer a competitively priced motherboard with advanced features is expected to attract more customers, particularly those who are budget-conscious.

Availability and Future Plans

The new B760 motherboard is available for purchase on Onda's website and other online marketplaces. Onda plans to launch a series of new motherboards in the coming months, with a focus on supporting the latest technologies and providing affordable solutions for gamers and enthusiasts.

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