OnePlus 6T Successfully Ported to Hongmeng OpenHarmony

In a recent development, the Hongmeng OpenHarmony project has made progress with the successful porting of the OnePlus 6T mobile phone. The project was earlier tested on the Mi 6 mobile phone, and now, it has been proved that the Hongmeng system can also run on the OnePlus 6T.

Progress Report on Hongmeng OpenHarmony on OnePlus 6T

According to a video released by user @AlgoIdeas of Station B, the OnePlus 6T mobile phone is ported to run the open source Hongmeng (OpenHarmony). The phone supports booting, and the touch screen works normally. The GPU is also on, making it a smooth experience. Hongmeng OpenHarmony is based on OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta 5, and the kernel is based on Linux 6.1. It also supports OpenHarmony's mainline 5.10 kernel version, but with some bugs.

New Progress and Bug Fixes

The developer of the project has reported that the OnePlus 6T mobile phone has made new progress in transplanting the open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony. The porting has brought a silky experience and fixed some bugs. The power reading problems, backlight adjustment, and time synchronization problems under non-network have been fixed. However, there are still some functions that need to be adapted slowly.

GPU Version and Power Consumption

This version of Hongmeng OpenHarmony on the OnePlus 6T mobile phone is a GPU version. By default, GPU surface synthesis is enabled, and the power consumption is obvious. It is estimated that it will miss the 2D acceleration of the Qualcomm platform.

Features Tested

The videos posted by the UP owner show settings, phone calls, photo albums, text messages, clock, calculator, music, shopping, control center, about device, background multitasking, and more.

Flashing Guide and Open Atom Open Source Foundation

The UP owner has also posted a video of the complete flashing process of OnePlus 6T porting OpenHarmony. A concise flashing guide is attached. The open source Hongmeng OpenHarmony is an open source project incubated and operated by the Open Atom Open Source Foundation (OpenAtom Foundation). The framework and platform of the operating system promote the prosperity and development of the Internet of Everything industry.

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