Open Source Hongmeng Successfully Adapted to PC Desktop

Hongmeng OpenHarmony, an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation, has successfully been adapted to the PC desktop. The Hongmeng OpenHarmony platform and framework operate the operating system for smart terminal equipment and promote the growth of the Internet of Everything industry.

Initial Adaptation Completed

The Honghu Wanlian engineers of the Hongmeng ecological enterprise have finished the initial adaptation of OpenHarmony to PCs. They based their adaptation on the OpenHarmony 3.2 Beta3 version and a specific model of HP office notebook.

Basic Functions Supported

The adaptation supports the basic functions of the device, such as switching on and off, screen rendering, peripheral access, and running apps. It includes drivers for hardware interfaces such as USB, network ports, SATA ports, and PCIE. The performance meets the production and living needs, but the UI interface and other adaptations have not been completed.

Desensitized Technical Content

After the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation OpenHarmony Technology Summit, the Honghu Wanlian engineers will release some desensitized technical content. They expect the initial early adopter version of the computer terminal to flow out this year.

The First OpenAtom Open Source Foundation OpenHarmony Technology Summit

The first OpenAtom Open Source Foundation OpenHarmony Technology Summit will take place in Shenzhen on February 25th at 9 o'clock. The summit will showcase technological achievements and explore the direction of next-generation technology. The Huawei-sponsored event's support units include Runhe Software, Jiulian Technology, iSoftStone, ArcherMind Technology, Uboxun, among others.

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