openEuler RISC-V successfully adapts to Saifang Technology VisionFive 2 single-board computer

The openEuler RISC-V special interest group (SIG) has successfully adapted the Euler operating system on the VisionFive 2 development board of Saifang Technology. This achievement marks a significant milestone for both the open-source community and Saifang Technology, as it opens up new possibilities for developing high-performance RISC-V-based solutions.

OpenEuler RISC-V 22.03 V2 Images Available on VisionFive 2

According to the openEuler WeChat public account, the latest version of openEuler RISC-V 22.03 V2 Images are already available on the VisionFive 2 development board. This version of openEuler RISC-V is based on the 22.03 V2 version released earlier and uses the manufacturer's open source firmware and kernel branch.

Beta Image Available for Download and Trial Use

The early beta image of openEuler RISC-V for the VisionFive 2 development board has been released and is currently available for download and trial use. The RISC-V SIG has tested the basic system, wired network, and several other parts, which can support the basic functions of the command-line system. The overall operation is relatively smooth.

Known Problems and Limitations

Although the basic system is operational, several known problems need attention. The upstream support of GPU is not perfect, and the HDMI output and system graphical interface are temporarily unavailable. At present, it only supports booting from the microSD card, and booting methods such as eMMC and SSD need to be improved in the future. The availability of some peripherals is also unknown.

VisionFive 2 Development Board

Saifang Technology released the VisionFive 2 development board in August 2022, claiming to be the world's first high-performance mass-produced RISC-V single-board computer with an integrated 3D GPU. The VisionFive 2 has been fully upgraded from the previous generation, with improvements in processor operating frequency, multimedia processing capabilities, and scalability.

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