OpenKylin Deploys RISC-V Architecture for Office Scene Ecology

The openKylin community, the root community of the domestic desktop operating system established by Kylin Software, has taken a lead in laying out a new generation of desktop office scene ecology based on the RISC-V architecture. This development is aimed at migrating and adapting to open source applications ecology and partnering with Pingtouge, Dingding, and other business ecological partners to lay out desktop office scene applications.

Version Planning

The openKylin community has adapted to four RISC-V development platforms, namely, HiFive Unmatched, VisionFive, VisionFive2, and Pingtouge Yingying 1520. Related openKylin versions have been produced, making it easier to meet the needs of users who require different platforms.

System Performance

The kernel power management module has been configured, solving the problem of system shutdown and restart, and improving the system's start-up speed by about 30 seconds. The openKylin RISC-V version also completes the mirror image automatic disk partition function. The first boot after burning the mirror image will automatically allocate the remaining space of the hard disk to the root partition.

Software Ecology

The openKylin community has adapted to software such as openKylin self-developed, Libreoffice, and FireFox, which can meet users' daily Internet and office needs. This development offers a solution to those who require access to daily office tools and applications that are compatible with the RISC-V architecture.

Project Incubation

The community has released the RISC-V platform software compatibility project RVTrans to realize the compatible operation of X86 software on the RISC-V platform. Currently, it has successfully adapted to simple applications and continues to update and improve.

The OpenKylin Community

The openKylin community aims to take "co-creation" as the core and build a partner ecosystem with enterprises in an open-source and open way. It aims to jointly create a top-level desktop operating system community that promotes the prosperity and development of Linux open-source technology and its software and hardware ecology.

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