OPPO Pad Air tablet receives official upgrade to ColorOS 13.0 × Android 13

Owners of the OPPO Pad Air tablet can now upgrade to the official version of ColorOS 13.0 × Android 13. This latest version promises several new features and improvements, including an enhanced user interface, improved battery management, and greater system stability.

To upgrade, users must first ensure that their mobile phone version has been upgraded to the basic version A.11. They can then access the upgrade by navigating to "Settings > About This Machine > Top Version Information (above "Phone Name") > Settings in the upper right corner > Early adopters application > ColorOS 13 official version > Check "I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy" > Apply Now". Once the application is complete, users should click "Check for Updates" to detect and download the installation version to upgrade to ColorOS 13.0.

OPPO's upgrade adaptation plan

The official upgrade to ColorOS 13.0 × Android 13 for the OPPO Pad Air tablet was part of OPPO's previously announced upgrade adaptation plan in February 2023. According to this plan, many other models will also be upgraded to ColorOS 13, including the OPPO Reno7 SE 5G, OPPO K10 5G, OnePlus Ace Racing Edition 5G, and others.

Enhanced user interface and other new features

The official version of ColorOS 13.0 × Android 13 brings several new features to the OPPO Pad Air tablet. One of the most notable is the enhanced user interface, which offers a sleeker, more modern look and feel. Other new features include improved battery management, greater system stability, and enhanced security features.

Users can also look forward to improved performance and faster load times, thanks to the upgraded operating system. Additionally, the new version of ColorOS is designed to be more customizable than ever before, allowing users to tailor their device to their unique needs and preferences.

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