Overseas Blogger Boosts AMD R9 7900 Core Display Performance by 42%

The latest Ryzen 7000 desktop processor from AMD has been a hot topic in the tech world, and an overseas blogger named Skatterbencher has conducted an overclocking test on its 2CU RDNA2 architecture bright machine core display. The results were impressive, with a 42% increase in overall performance after overclocking the core display to 3.1 GHz.

Details of the Overclocking Test

Skatterbencher used AMD's latest 12-core 65W TDP processor R9 7900, and its core display was 2CU 2.2GHz. The blogger overclocked the core display to 3.1 GHz, which resulted in a significant improvement in overall performance.

At its default frequency, this core display could reach 1080p 58 fps in "CS: GO". After overclocking by enabling EXPO memory, the performance increased by 12%. After overclocking the GPU to 3.1GHz, the frame rate of "CS: GO" reached 80fps.

Power Consumption and Temperature

After overclocking, the temperature of the core display reached 52.8 degrees Celsius, and the power consumption of the chip was 60.6W. Without overclocking, the core display temperature was 38.4 degrees Celsius, and the power consumption was 38.5W.

Limitations of the Ryzen 7000

In general, AMD Ryzen 7000's 2CU bright machine core display can cope with online games such as "CS: GO". However, even if it is overclocked, it is difficult to run 3A masterpieces such as "Tomb Raider".

Future Developments

AMD has not yet launched the Ryzen 7000G series of processors that focus on high-performance nuclear display. As such, there is no exact information about this series of processors.

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