Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Breaks Pre-Order Records in France

Samsung has once again created a buzz in the smartphone market with the release of its Galaxy S23 series. After receiving an overwhelming response in India and South Korea, the company has revealed that the new series has received a tremendous amount of pre-orders in France. The company stated that the number of pre-orders for the Galaxy S23 series between February 2 and 16 was almost twice that of last year's Galaxy S22 series.

The popularity of the Ultra model

According to Samsung's official press release, 60% of buyers in France opted for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This number is similar to South Korea's reported data. Of these, approximately 35% of S23 Ultra owners opted for one of the exclusive colors available on Samsung's official website.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Prices

The Samsung Galaxy S23 National Bank version is priced at 5199 yuan for 8GB+128GB, 5699 yuan for 8GB+256GB, and 6499 yuan for 8GB+512GB. The Samsung Galaxy S23+ mobile phone is priced at 6999 yuan for 8GB+256GB and 7999 yuan for 8GB+512GB. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone is priced at 8999 yuan for 8GB+256GB, 9699 yuan for 12GB+256GB, 10699 yuan for 12GB+512GB, and 12699 yuan for 12GB+1TB.

Availability of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be available for sale across all channels from February 24. The series will be available in three models: the Samsung Galaxy S23, Samsung Galaxy S23+, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Each model has its own unique features that cater to different users' needs.

The Success of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

The success of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. The series boasts of several new features, including a high refresh rate, a powerful processor, and a camera with improved AI capabilities. The company's investment in research and development has paid off, as the new series has already broken pre-order records in several countries.

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