Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Scores 10th in DxOMark Camera Evaluation

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera evaluation results have been released by DxOMark, with the device ranking 10th overall. The phone received a total score of 140 points, with 139 points for its camera and 137 points for video. The detailed evaluation information about the device has not yet been released by the Chinese DxOMark website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

We have listed the main advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera. The smartphone's camera performance is excellent overall, producing photos with rich detail and excellent autofocus function in most light environments. The telephoto zoom is also powerful. However, the camera struggles to capture image details in low light, causing shutter lag while shooting in low light. The device also faces exposure and focus instabilities, particularly in backlit scenes.

Top 10 List by DxOMark Website

We have shared the top ten list of the DxOMark website as per the request of netizens. As per the list, Huawei Mate 50 Pro+ leads with a score of 149, followed by Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. iPhone 13 Pro Max ranks fourth, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra occupies the 10th position.

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