Samsung launches Message Guard service for Galaxy S23 series to protect against zero-click attacks

Samsung has announced that it is launching the Message Guard service for the Galaxy S23 series of mobile phones, which can protect against "zero-click attacks". These attacks are becoming increasingly common, and involve malicious codes that are hidden in image attachments in emails and text messages. Users can unwittingly trigger these attacks, which can compromise the security of their devices and data.

What are "zero-click attacks"?

"Zero-click attacks" are a type of cyber attack that do not require any interaction from the user. Instead, they rely on the user receiving an image file that contains malicious code. Once the image is received, the code can automatically execute and infect the device without the user even knowing. This makes them particularly dangerous, as users may not even be aware that their device has been compromised.

How does the Message Guard service work?

The Message Guard service is an advanced "sandbox" that captures and quarantines image files from the rest of the device. This prevents malicious code from accessing the phone's files or interacting with the operating system. The image file is examined and processed in a controlled environment to ensure that it does not infect the rest of the device.

The service will run silently in the background and does not require any user activation. It supports a range of image formats, including PNG, JPG / JPEG, GIF, ICO, WEBP, BMP, and WBMP.

When will the service be available?

The Message Guard service will be available on the Galaxy S23 series of mobile phones. It will be gradually rolled out to other Galaxy smartphones and tablets later this year, and will require One UI 5.1 and above to run.

Why is this service important?

With the increasing use of mobile devices for work and personal use, cyber attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated. "Zero-click attacks" are particularly dangerous as they can compromise the security of a device and its data without the user even knowing. The Message Guard service is an important development in protecting against these types of attacks, and will provide users with an added layer of security for their mobile devices.

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