Samsung releases Bixby Kids Edition

Samsung has announced that its conversational AI assistant, Bixby, is now available for child accounts on Samsung devices, offering kid-friendly content and responding to inquiries in an age-appropriate manner. The new version of Bixby is called Bixby Kids Edition and is intended for children under the age of 13. The feature is currently only available in the US and South Korea, but Samsung plans to release it in more countries gradually.

How to enable Bixby Kids

Bixby Kids can be enabled through a Samsung account after creating a family group and setting up a child account. According to Samsung's official announcement, the feature is intended for children under the age of 13, although this age limit may vary by country.

What Bixby Kids can do

Bixby Kids is much the same as the version accessible to adults, but with content curated for kids. For example, kids can ask Bixby questions, and the conversational AI will answer in an age-appropriate way. Bixby Kids Edition can also tell stories, play music, and allow children to play games suitable for children. The games are ad-free, don't track kids' activities, and prevent unwanted game purchases.

Samsung's plans for AI

Recent reports suggest that Samsung may be considering bringing advanced language model capabilities to its AI. Samsung is working on tools like ChatGPT as an example of what's next for its conversational AI research and how these technologies can improve the user experience. Samsung has an artificial intelligence research and development department and is willing to cooperate with technology companies in the field of artificial intelligence to achieve future progress.

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