Samsung Responds to Reports of Flawed Screens on Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, is facing criticism from some of its users who have reported defects in the screen of their newly purchased Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones. While many users have complained about the issue, Samsung has defended itself by stating that it is not a defect.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is an expensive device, and users expect it to function flawlessly. The reported screen defect has caused disappointment and frustration among some users. However, Samsung's official statement explains that the issue is not a defect, and there is no need for concern.

Samsung Responds to a Twitter User

Samsung UK responded to a Twitter user who had experienced the screen issue on two Galaxy S23 Ultras. According to the company, the display issue is caused by the phone's multi-layered screen, which includes tempered glass that is bonded together to ensure the device's water and dust resistance.

Samsung has clarified that the accumulation of lines on the display is not a defect but rather a common issue found on Samsung mobile phones. The company's official website has a dedicated page that explains this problem to its customers.

The Display Panel's Layers

The display panel of Samsung smartphones consists of multiple layers of components, including tempered glass that is directly covered on the display panel. The waterproof and dustproof structural design prevents the intrusion of foreign objects or liquids

Samsung's official website explains that if the screen is under strong light, it may be possible to see lines after light refraction at certain angles. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the function or life of the product.

Impact on Users

The reported screen defect has caused inconvenience and disappointment for some users, who expected a seamless user experience from the high-end device. However, the majority of users do not seem to be too bothered by the issue, as it is not visible unless looked at closely or under specific lighting conditions.

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