Seagate Upgrades IronWolf Pro Series Hard Drives for Improved Durability and Performance

Seagate, a leading data storage solutions provider, has quietly updated its IronWolf Pro series of hard drives, offering an upgrade in durability and other indicators without increasing the price. The new version has not introduced a new product with larger capacity but instead quietly improved the specifications of the existing lineup.

Upgraded Durability and Performance

The new version of Seagate’s IronWolf Pro series has been revised in terms of durability, significantly increasing its lifespan. The mean time to failure (MTBF) has been increased from 1.2 million hours to 2.5 million hours. Furthermore, the workload rate limit (WRL) has also been increased to 550TB/year from the previous limit of 300TB/year.

Improved Specifications

Aside from the increased durability, the new version of the IronWolf Pro series has also seen improvements in its specifications. The maximum continuous transmission rate remains at 285MB/s for the 20TB version, but the rest of the capacity versions have seen an increase in the range of 6-30MB/s. Additionally, the earthquake resistance of the 18TB version has been enhanced, although the details of this improvement are not quantifiable.

Unlimited Storage Devices

Seagate has also changed the recommended number of storage devices for RAID from "no more than 24bay" to "unlimited." This upgrade reflects the improvement in the durability of the IronWolf Pro series and enables users to expand their storage capacity without any limitations.

Maintaining Product Lineup and Pricing

Despite the improvements, Seagate has not launched a new product with larger capacity, and the pricing remains the same as the previous lineup. The IronWolf Pro series is available in capacities ranging from 2TB to 20TB and comes with a 5-year limited warranty and 3-year data recovery service.

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