Shanghai Xianji Semiconductor Releases HPM6200 Series

Shanghai Xianji Semiconductor HPMicro has launched a new general-purpose microcontroller HPM6200 series. The series has 12 product models, including single-core and dual-core products, and is available in 144 LQFP and 116 BGA packages. The HPM6200 series has passed AEC-Q100 certification, and the operating temperature range is -40°C~125°C.

RISC-V Architecture with High Performance

The HPM6200 series features a dual-core with RISC-V architecture. It supports double-precision floating-point operations and powerful DSP expansion. The main frequency reaches 600 MHz, and the performance reaches 6780 CoreMark and 3420 DMIPS. It can complete the current control loop operation based on vector control within 1us.

High-Speed Cache and Memory

The microcontroller has 32KB high-speed cache (I/D Cache) and dual-core 512KB zero-wait instruction and data local memory (ILM/DLM), plus 256KB general-purpose SRAM, which avoids performance loss caused by low-speed external memory.

Enhanced PWM Controllers

The HPM6200 series has four sets of 8-channel enhanced PWM controllers, of which two sets of high-resolution PWM modulation accuracy are up to 100ps. It improves the system control accuracy and can realize single-chip control of multi-axis motors or single-chip digital power supply with complex topology.

Programmable Logic Arrays and High-Precision ADCs

The microcontroller has two Programmable Logic Arrays (PLA), which flexibly realize the interconnection of combinational logic and sequential logic devices. It has three 2MSPS 16-bit high-precision ADCs, and the conversion rate can reach 4MSPS when configured as 12-bit precision, up to 24 analog input channels. It also has four analog comparators and two 1MSPS 12-bit DACs.

Σ-∆ Digital Filter SDM

The microcontroller has Σ-∆ digital filter SDM, including SINC digital filter, which can be connected with four Σ∆ modulators externally to realize high-precision current and voltage signal acquisition with isolation.

Multiple Communication Interfaces

The HPM6200 series has multiple communication interfaces, including one high-speed USB with built-in PHY, up to four channels of CAN-FD, four channels of LIN, and rich UART, SPI, I2C, etc.

Free Commercial Integrated Development Environment and SDK

HPM6200 inherits and expands the existing ecosystem of Xianji Semiconductor, including Segger Embedded Studio, a free commercial integrated development environment, and an SDK based on BSD license, which includes low-level drivers, middleware, and RTOS, such as popular open source projects lwIP, TinyUSB, CherryUSB, FreeRTOS, tensorflow lite for MCU, and a fully self-developed high-performance motor control library, etc.

Open Source Software Products and EVK Development Kit

All the official software products will be open source. HPM6200 provides an EVK development kit with an on-board debugging interface, which can be directly debugged by users. It supports ART-PI interface and Xianji motor general interface, so as to facilitate customers to expand applications and transplant solutions. The retail price is 298 RMB.

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