Sony PS VR2 Shipping Notifications Begin to Arrive in the US

Sony PS VR2, the much-anticipated virtual reality headset from Sony, is set to hit the global market on February 22nd. However, users in the United States who pre-ordered the device have already begun to receive shipping notifications. Many users have shared the emails they received, which show an estimated delivery date of February 22nd.

Improved Display and Gaming Experience

The Sony PS VR2 headset boasts several improvements over its predecessor, the Sony PS VR. The device features a 4K HDR OLED display and Eye-tracking eye tracking, which provides a more immersive experience for gamers. Additionally, the device has improved tactile feedback and motion capture, making the gaming experience even more realistic.

Bundle Pricing and First Games

The Sony PS VR2 will be available as a bundle that includes the headset, PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, and stereo headphones. The suggested retail price in the Chinese mainland market is RMB 4499. The first game to be released with the device includes more than 30 masterpieces, such as "Resident Evil 8: Village" and "Horizon: Call of the Mountain".

Global Release on February 22nd

The Sony PS VR2 is set to be released globally on February 22nd, and shipments will begin in other parts of the world as well. While some users in the United States have already received shipping notifications, consumers in other regions may have to wait a little longer for their devices to arrive.

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