Sony Xperia Flagship Phones to Support Bluetooth LE Audio and LC3 Codec

Sony's latest Xperia flagship phones, the Xperia 1 V and Xperia 5 V, are set to become the first to support Bluetooth LE Audio, according to multiple media reports. While the Android 13 system natively supports Bluetooth LE Audio, the Pixel 7 series does not offer this feature. However, Xperia 1 V and Xperia 5 V models will support Bluetooth LE Audio through an update.

Bluetooth LE Audio and LC3 Codec

With this update, both Xperia 1 V and Xperia 5 V models will be able to use the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3) with Bluetooth LE Audio. LC3 is a lossy codec with dynamic audio scaling, similar to aptX Adaptive. In theory, Bluetooth LE Audio and LC3 consume less power, offer greater range, and lower latency than other mainstream Bluetooth technologies.

Limitations of Bluetooth LE Audio

It's important to note that Bluetooth LE Audio is not suitable for streaming music with Deezer HiFi or Tidal, as it's a lossy codec. Moreover, there are hardly any audio products currently available that support Bluetooth LE Audio.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro and Buds Pro 2 to Support Bluetooth LE Audio

Currently, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro will support Bluetooth LE Audio, and OnePlus has also confirmed that the Buds Pro 2 will follow up. While there may not be many audio products available yet that support Bluetooth LE Audio, the fact that Samsung and OnePlus are following Sony's lead suggests that the technology is gaining traction.

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