Southchip Launches the First Domestic HPB Charging Control IC SC8978x / SC89800

Southchip, a leading semiconductor company, has launched the first domestic HPB charging control IC SC8978x / SC89800, designed to enhance the peak performance of notebooks. The device is specifically created to address the instantaneous power requirements of high-performance software, which puts a strain on the computer's power capacity.

HPB Charging Control IC to Meet Peak Performance Demands

Notebook computers are essential devices for both personal and professional use, as they cater to various needs, such as office and entertainment. However, when users "heavily use" some high-performance software, the instantaneous power requirements for the computer increase significantly. To cater to this demand, Southchip has launched a synchronous bidirectional buck charging control IC with hybrid power boost mode (HPB) and processor overpower monitoring function.

Hybrid Power Boost Mode Enhances System Performance

The HPB charging control IC features a hybrid power boost mode (HPB), which allows the battery to reverse boost the system alongside the adapter when the system load exceeds the output power of the adapter. The adapter charges the battery pack through dynamic power management control, reducing the cost of system power supply. The HPB boost mode supplements the system power when it continues to increase, enabling both the CPU and GPU to reach their peak performance during "heavy use."

SC8978x / SC89800 Designed to Meet Wide Input Voltage Range

SC8978x / SC89800 is available in a 4mm x 4mm QFN-28 package and supports a wide input voltage range from 4.5V to 24V. It integrates an NMOS driver to achieve automatic switching of the system power between battery and adapter and supports 1S to 4S battery charging management. The HPB charging control IC complies with Intel IMVP8 / IMVP9 specifications, including system power supply, input current, charge current monitoring, system power monitoring, and processor over-power indication.

Flexible SMBUS Interface and Comprehensive Protection

SC8978x / SC89800 adopts a hybrid power boost architecture, and users can set charging current, charging voltage, input current, current limit, switching frequency, and other parameters through the SMBUS interface. The charging and discharging current can also be set in real-time through the external ILIM pin. The device supports comprehensive protection, including over-temperature protection, adapter, and battery over-voltage protection, input MOSFET over-current protection, battery, inductor, and MOSFET short-circuit protection.

Product performance

Transient response time: 150us into HPB mode

HPB switching to charging mode is more stable

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