Tamron Announces Development of New Fuji X-Mount Lens

Tamron, a leading manufacturer of high-quality camera lenses, has announced its latest development in the form of a new ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for APS-C format mirrorless single-lens cameras. The lens, called 11-20mm F/2.8 Di III-A RXD (Model B060), will be available this spring and is specifically designed to fit Fuji X-mount cameras.

Small Size, Light Weight, and High Image Quality

Tamron has stated that the B060 achieves a small size, light weight, and high image quality with a large aperture of F2.8. This makes it perfect for use with compact APS-C format mirrorless cameras and suitable for daily use. The lens has been designed to offer excellent image quality even in low-light conditions, making it ideal for shooting indoors or at night.

Wide-Angle Macro Works with Perspective Distortion Effect

The shortest shooting distance at 11mm at the wide-angle end of this lens is 0.15m, and the maximum photographic magnification is 1:4. This means that the lens can shoot wide-angle macro works with perspective distortion effect, which is ideal for photographers who want to capture creative and unique shots.

Autofocus Driver Equipped with Stepping Motor Unit RXD

The B060 autofocus driver is equipped with a stepping motor unit RXD with good quietness, which makes it ideal for shooting videos in addition to photos. The autofocus system is fast and precise, allowing photographers to capture sharp and accurate images quickly and easily.

Outdoor Protection Functions

The B060 also features outdoor protection functions such as a simple anti-drip structure and anti-fouling coating. This makes it ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments where moisture and dirt can be a problem.

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