TCL Central to Invest 4.1 Billion Yuan in Solar Photovoltaic Silicon Wafer Project

TCL Central, a leading Chinese electronic and energy solutions company, has announced its plans to invest 4.1 billion yuan in a solar photovoltaic silicon wafer project. The project will have an annual output of 35GW and will be completed and put into operation by the fourth quarter of this year.

Cooperation with Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone

TCL Central has partnered with the Management Committee of Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone to undertake the annual output of 35GW high-purity solar ultra-thin monocrystalline silicon wafer smart factory project and supporting projects. This project is also known as the "DW Phase V" project.

Increase in Production Capacity

The DW Phase V project is an extension of the Central Crystal Phase 6 industrial chain supporting project. It will promote the production capacity increase of TCL Zhonghuan G12. The project aims to achieve in-depth development of intelligent factory equipment automation, upgrading the whole process from raw materials to finished product delivery. This will increase per capita labor productivity by 150% compared to traditional factories, thereby reducing production costs.

Phase VI Project – The World's Largest and Most Intelligent Monocrystalline Silicon Production Base

The 50GW (G12) solar-grade monocrystalline silicon material smart factory project (Phase VI project) invested and constructed by Zhonghuan is currently the world's largest and most intelligent monocrystalline silicon production base.

Overall Planned G12 Silicon Wafer Production Capacity of 35GW

The DW Phase V project is part of the overall planned G12 silicon wafer production capacity of 35GW. It has a total investment of about 4.1 billion yuan and is expected to start construction on February 18 this year. The project is set to be completed and put into production in the fourth quarter.

The project will further build a modern high-end photovoltaic manufacturing industry, giving full play to its scale advantages and cost advantages in the competition in the new energy material industry. It will promote the continuous reduction of photovoltaic power generation LCOE and BOS cost optimization, realize the comprehensive grid parity of photovoltaic power generation, and improve the role of photovoltaic power generation in global energy transformation competitiveness.

Impact of the Project

The DW Phase V project is set to have a significant impact on the global energy industry. It will lead to a reduction in production costs and an increase in production efficiency and yield. This will improve flexible manufacturing capabilities, making the project more competitive in the new energy material industry.

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