TCL Unveils Ultra-Thin Zero-Embedded Refrigerator with Innovative Design

TCL, one of the leading electronics manufacturers in the world, has launched its latest T9 series of ultra-thin zero-embedded refrigerators. The innovative product boasts of a unique design that allows for seamless embedding in the wall, enabling a closer fit that solves the issue of reserving heat dissipation space on both sides of the fridge.

Design Features

The TCL T9 series has a sleek design with a thickness of only 580mm, which is a perfect fit for standard cabinets with a depth of 600mm. The refrigerator adopts a bottom heat dissipation design, reducing the reserved space on both sides of the fridge and allowing it to be embedded in the wall. This design innovation creates a zero-distance seamless embedding that is closer to the wall than traditional refrigerators.

Moreover, the ultra-thin zero-embedded refrigerator is equipped with a stable embedded hinge that supports 90° free opening and closing. The stable hinge ensures that the fridge door can be opened and closed even when in contact with the wall.

Temperature Control Features

The TCL T9 series retains the "wide range temperature change" design concept. It reserves a 79L wide temperature range for consumers, allowing them to freely adjust the temperature between minus 20°C and 5°C. Additionally, the fridge features smart constant temperature fresh-keeping technology, full-space ultra-clean technology, and free temperature-variable space. It also supports App remote control and first-class energy efficiency.

Versions and Pricing

The TCL T9 series comes in four different versions, each with a different capacity. The 456L cross version has an initial price of 3,499 yuan, while the 521L cross version has a starting price of 3,999 yuan. The 550L side-by-side version has an initial price of 3,399 yuan, and the 618L side-by-side version has a starting price of 3,999 yuan.

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