The Problem with the Latest AMD Driver Update

AMD, a leading manufacturer of computer processors and graphics cards, recently released an update for their Adrenalin Edition 23.2.1 driver. This update promised significant performance improvements for Radeon 6000 and 7000 series GPUs, but it also brought some unintended consequences. Two of AYANEO's handheld models, the AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK, began experiencing a significant drop in available video memory.

AYANEO, a company that specializes in designing and producing high-performance gaming handhelds, was quick to respond to the issue. They confirmed that the latest AMD driver caused a bug in the 6000 series APU, which resulted in a reduction of video memory (VRAM) to only 512MB. This drop in available memory caused significant performance issues and impacted gameplay for users of the AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK models.

The Official Solution

AYANEO promptly released an official statement regarding the issue, informing users of the problem and providing a solution. The company advised players who had not yet updated to avoid checking the "Recommend to restore factory settings" option during the update process.

For users who had already updated and were experiencing problems, AYANEO recommended downloading the AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK BIOS files from the official website. Users would need to prepare a FAT32 formatted USB flash drive to flash the BIOS. During the process, it was crucial to keep the device plugged in and connected to a power source. Disconnecting the device halfway through the process could result in a black screen and an inability to boot.

AYANEO urged users to follow these instructions carefully to restore full video memory capacity and avoid further performance issues. While the process may seem complicated, it is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the AYANEO 2 and AYANEO GEEK models.

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