Toshiba Completes New Hard Disk Production Line in Dongguan

Toshiba Electronic Components and Storage Devices Corporation has announced the completion of its new hard disk production line in Dongguan, Guangdong. The production line is a joint venture with AFIT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and will prioritize supplying the Chinese market. Toshiba plans to double its production capacity by 2025, thanks to the new production line and existing capacity.

Increased Shipments and Capacity

According to reports, Toshiba's hard disk shipments and shipment capacity will increase by 4% and 61%, respectively, in 2021. This will bring the total shipment to 54.68 million units and the capacity to 187.5EB. Notably, nearline hard disk shipments will see a large increase of 73%, while shipment capacity will soar by 114%.

New Technologies

Toshiba has developed various new technologies to improve its hard disk products. These technologies include recording technologies such as FC-MAMR (magnetic energy control-microwave-assisted recording technology) and MAS-MAMR (resonant microwave-assisted recording technology), as well as disk stacking. Toshiba aims to achieve its 30TB hard drive capacity target and then move towards higher capacity products.

Nearline Hard Drives

Nearline hard drives are a type of storage device that sits between online and offline storage. These drives are designed for storing data that is not frequently used or has a small amount of data access. Nearline storage requires fast addressing and high transmission rates, but does not need high performance. Toshiba's new production line in Dongguan will prioritize the production of nearline hard drives for the Chinese market.

Expansion in China

Toshiba's new production line in Dongguan is part of the company's broader expansion plans in China. In recent years, Toshiba has made significant investments in China to increase its production capacity and meet the growing demand for data storage products. With the completion of the new production line, Toshiba is well-positioned to continue expanding its presence in the Chinese market.

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