Unopened 2007 Apple iPhone Sets New Auction Record

An unopened original iPhone from 2007 has set a new auction record, fetching over $63,000 in a recent sale. The auction was organized by LCG Auctions and lasted from February 2nd to February 19th, attracting a total of 27 bids.

The sale price of $63,356.40 is 105 times the original retail price of the device, which was sold for $599 in 2007. The previous record for the highest auction price for an original iPhone was set at $39,000 in October 2020, making the recent sale an impressive increase in value.

Origins of the Unopened iPhone

The unopened iPhone was given to its original owner as a gift in 2007 and was never used due to its exclusivity to AT&T's network at the time. The owner had kept the device for 15 years, unopened and in pristine condition.

The value of Apple products has been increasing in recent years, with collectors and investors alike eager to obtain rare and original Apple products. Original Apple products, in particular, are highly sought after due to their limited supply and historical significance.

Increasing Value of Original Apple Products

Last year, a rare Apple-1 computer sold for over $1.5 million, making it one of the most expensive computers ever sold. Other Apple products, including the original iPod and the first-generation MacBook Air, have also seen significant increases in value.

The demand for Apple products is only expected to increase, with experts predicting that Apple's recent push into the electric vehicle market could make Apple a trillion-dollar company. The company's reputation for innovation and design, combined with its loyal customer base, has made Apple products highly valuable items in the eyes of collectors and investors alike.

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