Vivo V27 Pro real machine picture and shooting proofs exposed

The highly anticipated Vivo V27 series is set to launch in India on March 1st. Vivo has announced that the standard version will feature the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 chip, while the Pro version will be powered by the more advanced Dimensity 8200 chip. However, before the official launch, some netizens in India have shared real machine photos of the V27 Pro on social media platforms, giving us a glimpse of what to expect.

Photochromic Properties: A Unique Feature of Vivo V27 Pro

The leaked photos of the Vivo V27 Pro reveal that the back of the phone is equipped with photochromic properties. This unique feature allows the phone to display different colors under different light conditions. This is a design element that is sure to catch the eye of users who love to flaunt their devices.

Specifications of Vivo V27 Pro: Leaked Information

The Google Play Management Center database provides us with some leaked information regarding the specifications of the Vivo V27 Pro (V2230). The phone will feature a 1080x2400px curved screen and come with 8GB of memory. The database also confirms that the phone will run on Android 13. The most impressive feature of the phone is its 50MP Sony IMX766 front camera, which is sure to attract photography enthusiasts.

Sample Shot Shared by Indian Netizens

Netizens in India have also shared a sample shot taken from the Vivo V27 Pro on Twitter. The photo is of a man standing in a market, and the quality of the image is impressive. The colors are vivid and bright, and the image appears to be sharp and detailed. The sample shot gives us an idea of the camera capabilities of the Vivo V27 Pro.

Launch Date and Price of Vivo V27 Pro

The Vivo V27 series is set to launch in India on March 1st. The price of the phone has not been officially announced yet, but it is expected to be priced in the mid-range segment. The Vivo V27 Pro is a promising device that is sure to attract a lot of attention when it hits the market. Its unique photochromic properties and impressive camera capabilities make it a smartphone that users will be eager to get their hands on.

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