Vivo's Digital Car Key now Compatible with Changan Deep Blue

Vivo has officially announced that its digital car key is now compatible with Changan Deep Blue, allowing car owners to unlock their vehicles by simply approaching them. This feature is available for a range of vivo models, including the X series, S series, iQOO flagship series, iQOO Neo series, iQOO Z series, and NEX series. However, it requires an Android version of 10.0 or above and the Changan Deep Blue App version 1.2.4 or higher.

Compatibility Details

According to vivo's official poster, this function currently supports the Deep Blue SL03 model, and more Changan Deep Blue models are expected to be added soon. The Deep Blue SL03 is the first model built by Changan Deepblue, and it is set to launch in July 2022. The car will be available in three versions, including a pure electric version, an extended range version, and a hydrogen electric version.

Features of Deep Blue SL03

The Changan Deep Blue SL03 boasts several cutting-edge features, including a 15.6-inch ultra-wide touchscreen, an AR-HUD head-up display, hidden door handles, frameless doors, a suspended rear spoiler, and through-type LED taillights. In terms of performance, the pure electric version of the car has a cruising range of 515km/705km under comprehensive working conditions, a top speed of 155 km/h, and a peak power of 190kW. The range-extended version of the car has a cruising range of 1200km, a pure electric cruising range of 200km, and a fuel consumption rate of 4.5L/100km.

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