Xiaomi Laser Printer K100 goes on sale today

Xiaomi, a renowned Chinese electronics company, has launched a new laser printer on its e-commerce platform. The Xiaomi Laser Printer K100, which is an affordable version of the previously released K200 model, is available at an initial price of 849 yuan.

Compact Size and Fast Printing

The Xiaomi Laser Printer K100 boasts a small size of 331x178mm, making it ideal for home or office use. Despite its compact size, the printer can print 20 pages per minute, which is only slightly lower than the K200's speed of 23 pages per minute.

Easy-to-Use Features

This printer supports USB wired printing and LAN wireless printing. Moreover, it also features an NFC chip that allows users to print using their smartphone. The WPS document can be printed with a single touch, making the process quick and hassle-free.

The Xiaomi Laser Printer K100 can also scan documents via mobile phones, automatically recognize the edges of the page, and adjust the settings accordingly. The printer's manual optimization and adjustment features allow users to adjust the image quality, size, and orientation of the document before printing. Additionally, the printer supports multi-page files, which can be directly saved as PDF files.

Economical Printing

Xiaomi has designed the Laser Printer K100 with a replaceable toner cartridge, which comes pre-installed with 700 pages of toner. Users can purchase a toner cartridge for 249 yuan, which is capable of printing 1,500 pages, with an average cost of 0.16 yuan per page.

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