Xiaomi Mall Launches Xiaowan Smart Automatic Cat Litter Box

Xiaomi Mall has launched the Xiaowan smart automatic cat litter box, which is now available for purchase. The device comes at a price of 1399 yuan and is compatible with a variety of cat litter, making it a versatile option for cat owners. The device boasts several features that ensure pet safety, ease of use, and convenience.

Pet Safety Features

The Xiaowan intelligent automatic cat litter box has nine safety protection functions that make it a reliable choice for pet owners. These include electronic fence, entrance infrared detection, biological induction in the warehouse, high-precision weighing, infrared protection of the manure outlet, motor overload protection, abnormal alarm, start-up self-inspection, fuselage tipping alarm, and more.

Automatic Cleaning and Litter Compatibility

The Xiaowan cat litter box is equipped with a roller that automatically cleans the litter box after the cat uses it. The roller turns on to "shake after defecation," which covers the cat litter and quickly condenses the feces, leaving the box clean and free of dirt. The cat litter compatibility reaches 90%, making it an excellent choice for cat owners who prefer different types of cat litter.

Large-Capacity Toilet and Deodorizing Technology

The 8.6L large-capacity toilet can meet the needs of an adult cat for up to 14 days. The device also comes with a plant deodorizing box that uses Aspen deodorant formula technology and natural plant raw materials. The seal ring of the toilet collection bin is also used to physically deodorize and effectively suppress the odor of the toilet collection bin.

App Control and Front OLED Display

Users can view cat toilet data through the App anytime, anywhere. It can record the body data of up to 5 cats, customize an exclusive health report for each cat, detect data abnormalities in time, and give early warnings, effectively predicting the risk of cat urinary retention. The device also comes with a large front OLED display that provides clear guidance and simple operation. One-click cleaning, sand dumping, checking the amount of cat litter, and other features are easily accessible.

Linkage with Smart Devices

The device has been connected to Mijia and supports linkage with Xiaoai voice control. It can be linked with smart devices such as Mijia smart camera and Mijia air purifier, making it more convenient for cat owners.

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