Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 50L goes on sale today

Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has launched a new dehumidifier, the Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 50L, designed for dehumidification in large spaces. The product went on sale on February 20, 2023, with an initial price of 1999 yuan.

Increased Dehumidification Power and Sterilization Capabilities

The Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 50L boasts 2.27 times stronger dehumidification power, covering an area of up to 100㎡. It can remove up to 50 liters of water every day, and restore indoor dryness in just 10 minutes. In addition, the dehumidifier has built-in deep ultraviolet UV-C technology that can effectively kill ≥99.5% of bacteria.

Versatile and Intelligent Design

The Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 50L can be used without a floor drain, thanks to its support for 5m drainage height. It also features a 7-liter water tank, which reduces the need for frequent watering. The dehumidifier's intelligent dehumidification feature allows users to adjust humidity levels between 40%-70% RH as per their preference.

Noise Reduction and Multiple Control Methods

The Mijia Smart Dehumidifier 50L boasts a 6-layer noise reduction design, resulting in an operating sound as low as 41.7dB. The dehumidifier also supports soft sound mode, dry clothes mode, smart mode, and more. Control options include body buttons, Mijia App, and Xiaoai speakers. Smart scenes can be created through the Mijia App, allowing the dehumidifier to be linked with other smart devices like purifiers, smart door locks, and electric heaters.

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