Xiaomi to Release Mi 13 Ultra in April, Renders Claimed to Have 90% Authenticity

Xiaomi, one of China's leading tech companies, is set to release its Mi 13 Ultra in April this year. The news has been confirmed by multiple sources, and renders of the new smartphone have been released by a Twitter blogger who claims that the authenticity of the renders is around 90%.

Unofficial Renders Revealed

The renders of the Mi 13 Ultra have been created by Twitter blogger @Kartikey Singh, in collaboration with @SPinfoJP. According to the blogger, the renders have a 90% authenticity rate. The new smartphone is expected to look similar to the renders, which show that the design has been based on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, with some adjustments to the lens module.

Continuation of Family Design

The Mi 13 Ultra is expected to continue with the family design of the Mi 13 series, which includes the Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro models. The smartphone will still feature a Leica Imaging system and will come in at least four plain leather colors. The back of the upper body is raised to raise the camera module while leaving a slot for the magnetic charging treasure.

Impressive Specs

The Mi 13 Ultra is set to feature a Samsung 2K E6 curved screen and will be equipped with Qualcomm's second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. It will also have a combination of up to 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage space. This makes it the only model in the Mi 13 series that comes with 16GB of large memory.

Upgraded Camera

The camera of the Mi 13 Ultra is expected to be fully upgraded to a 50-megapixel + 120x periscope telephoto lens, which will have built-in OIS optical image stabilization. This upgrade promises even better image performance than the Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro models. The smartphone will also be made of plain leather material and come in a new color scheme.

Probability of Display at MWC 2023

Although the Mi 13 Ultra is expected to be released in April this year, it is unclear whether it will be displayed at the next MWC 2023. Some sources suggest that there is a little probability of it being showcased at the event. Nevertheless, the anticipation for the release of the Mi 13 Ultra is high, and Xiaomi fans are eagerly awaiting its launch.

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