Xiaomi's three-port GaN 67W charger will go on sale at midnight today

Xiaomi, one of China's leading technology companies, has announced the launch of its new gallium nitride (GaN) charger. The product has opened for appointment since February 14, and it is set to officially launch on February 20. This new device is capable of providing a 2C1A interface that supports up to 67W Xiaomi flash charging, and it is also compatible with 65W PD fast charging.

The product page shows that Xiaomi's new GaN charger is equipped with third-generation GaN technology, which provides compatibility with more protocols and heat dissipation upgrades. Additionally, it has a foldable pin design that ensures convenience and portability for users. The package also includes a 6A high-current Type-C to Type-C data cable (1.5m) for an easy and efficient charging experience.

High Power Charging Capabilities

The new GaN charger from Xiaomi boasts of high power charging capabilities that allow users to charge their devices in record time. Specifically, it can support up to 67W flash charging, which is enough to charge high-power devices such as Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi laptops, and the new MacBook Pro. Xiaomi 13 mobile phones can be charged to 100% in just 38 minutes, while the Xiaomi Book Pro 16 2022 delivers a steady 65W output.

Multiple Ports and Intelligent Charging

Xiaomi's new GaN charger has three ports that can output at the same time. The Type-C 1/2 single-port maximum output power is 67W, while the USB-A single-port output maximum power is 22.5W. Moreover, the device can also intelligently identify computer charging. When using multiple devices, it will give priority to providing stable power to the computer.

Pricing and Availability

The initial price of Xiaomi's new GaN charger is 129 yuan, which is a competitive price point for a device with high power charging capabilities and multiple ports. The device will be officially launched at midnight tomorrow, February 20, and interested customers can purchase it through Xiaomi's official website or authorized retail stores.

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