Zhongxinhang Convicted of Patent Infringement

Hong Kong-based battery manufacturer, Zhongxinhang, has been ordered to stop selling products that infringe the patent rights of Chinese battery maker, Ningde Era (CATL). The company has also been ordered to pay 35.8 million yuan in compensation for economic losses suffered by CATL as a result of the infringement.

The verdict was issued by the Fuzhou Intermediate Court on February 20, 2023. Within 15 days from the effective date of the judgment, Zhongxinhang must cease sales of any products that infringe on CATL's patent rights. The company must also pay compensation of 35,800,000 yuan and a temporary protection fee of 798,000 yuan for the infringement of CATL's invention patent.

Zhongxinhang has also been ordered to pay reasonable expenses of 202,693.12 yuan to Ningde Times, a subsidiary of CATL. Any other claims made by Ningde Times against Zhongxinhang were rejected by the court.

Impact on Zhongxinhang's Operations

China Innovation Aviation, the parent company of Zhongxinhang, has said that the court's judgment will not have an adverse impact on the company's current or future production and operations. However, the ruling is likely to affect the company's ability to supply batteries to several of its major customers.

Zhongxinhang is currently the core battery supplier for several Chinese automakers, including GAC Automobile, Changan Automobile, Shanghai GM Wuling, Leap Motor, and Xiaopeng Automobile. The company also serves international customers such as Smart, Guangben, and GAC.

China Innovation Aviation's Ranking

According to data from SNE Research, a South Korean research institution, China Innovation Aviation is expected to rank seventh in the world in terms of power battery installations in 2022. The company is also expected to rank third among domestic power battery companies, behind only leading firms CATL and BYD.

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