ZTE Unveils New FTTR Home Gateway G8615 with Impressive Features

Chinese telecommunications giant, ZTE, has announced the release of new FTTR series products to cater for both home and business enterprises. Among the new series of products, ZTE has introduced the FTTR master gateway G8615, which is specifically designed for home scenarios. This equipment boasts impressive features, including uplink and downlink symmetrical 10G transmission.

The Industry's First FTTR Supporting XGS-PON Technology

The FTTR master gateway G8615 is the industry's first FTTR that supports XGS-PON technology. It is equipped with a 2.5GE optical network port in the downlink and supports Wi-Fi 6 technology with a bandwidth of 160MHz. It satisfies the development of two gigabit package services, and the slave gateway G1600 supports remote POF power supply and local DC power supply.

Support for Concealed Pipe and Open Wire

The slave gateway G1600 adopts standard 86 panel installation and supports two wiring methods of concealed pipe and open wire. This offers homeowners the flexibility to choose which wiring method they prefer. This ensures that the equipment fits seamlessly into the home environment while providing efficient and high-quality service.

Impressive Features for Small and Micro Enterprises

For small and micro enterprises, ZTE has introduced the FTTR master gateway G100 and slave gateway G1660. The G100 gateway supports symmetrical 10G large bandwidth and offers uplink interfaces like XGS-PON, XG-PON, and 10G EPON. It supports wired/wireless dual gigabit, and 4 voice ports meet the multi-channel voice needs of small and micro enterprises. The metal casing also has industrial-grade protection capabilities.

Optical and Electrical Mounting

The slave gateway G1660 adopts ceiling-mounted installation and supports both optical and electrical mounting. This means that the original network cable can be used for deployment, even when the optical fiber is not reachable. The G1660 gateway supports remote POF/POE power supply and local DC power supply. The entire network system also supports concurrent access of 300 STAs, and the roaming handover delay is as low as 20ms.

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