Apple Releases watchOS 9.4 with Exciting New Features and Improved Functionality

Apple released the latest version of its popular operating system for Apple Watches, watchOS 9.4. The new update offers a range of exciting features and improvements to the functionality of the device, including the ability to delete built-in apps directly from the Apple Watch.

Installation and Compatibility

Apple's watchOS 9.4 is compatible with all Apple Watch models released in the past few years, including the Series 5 and Series 6. To install the new software, users need to open the Apple Watch app on their iPhone, navigate to General > Software Update, and follow the on-screen instructions. The watch needs to be at least 50 percent charged and on a charger during the update process.

New Features and Improvements

The watchOS 9.4 update introduces several new features and improvements to Apple Watches, including:

  • New Emoji Characters: The update adds support for new emoji characters, including donkey, goose, blackbird, bobblehead, hyacinth, pea pod, and more.
  • Wake-Up Alerts: The update brings changes to wake-up alerts, which can no longer be muted with a "cover-to-mute" gesture to prevent them from being accidentally dismissed.
  • Period Tracking with Retrospective Ovulation Estimation and Cycle Deviation Alerts: This feature is now supported in Moldova and Ukraine Regions.
  • AFib History: This feature is now available in Colombia, Malaysia, Moldova, Thailand, and Ukraine.
  • Built-in Apps Deletion: A hidden feature that allows users to delete built-in apps directly from the Apple Watch.

Built-in App Deletion

One of the most significant updates in watchOS 9.4 is the ability to delete built-in apps directly from the Apple Watch. The following apps can be removed after updating to watchOS 9.4 or later:

  • Activity
  • Water Depth
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Find
  • Heart Rate
  • Maps
  • Wallet
  • Training
  • World Clock

However, Apple warns that removing built-in apps could affect the core functionality of the device. For example, if users delete the Heart Rate app, their Apple Watch won't be able to send high heart rate, low heart rate, arrhythmia, and aerobic fitness notifications.

Apple advises users to proceed with caution and only remove apps they don't use to avoid any negative impact on their device's functionality.

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