Apple rolls out tvOS 16.4 official system update for Apple TV 4K / HD

Apple has released the official version of tvOS 16.4, the latest update for its operating system designed for the Apple TV 4K and HD models. The tvOS 16.4 update comes with a new feature that enhances accessibility, as well as improved performance and stability.

The release of the new update comes two months after the tvOS 16.3 update was released, and it is expected to bring a significant improvement to the user experience.

Feature Addition: Dim Flash

One of the key features of the tvOS 16.4 update is the addition of Dim Flash, an accessibility feature that automatically reduces the brightness of the display when a flash or strobe effect is detected in a video. This feature aims to reduce the potential negative impact on people with photosensitive epilepsy or other visual sensitivities who may be more prone to seizures or headaches due to flashing lights or strobes.

The Dim Flash feature works by detecting bright flashes or strobes in videos and automatically adjusting the brightness of the display to a level that is comfortable for the viewer. This feature can be turned on or off in the Settings menu of the Apple TV.

Performance and Stability Improvement

Aside from the new accessibility feature, the tvOS 16.4 update also brings significant improvements in performance and stability. The update is expected to fix several bugs that may have been present in the previous version of the operating system, as well as enhance the overall performance of the device.

Users can expect a smoother and more reliable user experience, as well as faster app launching times and improved streaming quality. The update is also expected to fix any issues that may have been causing crashes or freezing of the device.

Availability of the Update

The tvOS 16.4 system update is available for download over the air (OTA) through the Settings app on the Apple TV. Users can go to the System menu and select Software Update to download and install the update manually.

For those who have turned on automatic software updates, their Apple TV will automatically download and install the tvOS 16.4 update.

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