Aragonite Releases BOOX OS 3.3.2 Firmware Upgrade for Tab8/10/13 and Other Compatible

The BOOX OS 3.3.2 firmware upgrade includes several new features that are designed to enhance the user experience. Here are some of the key features of the new firmware upgrade:

  • Baidu Netdisk and Nut Cloud File Import: This feature allows users to log in to their Baidu Netdisk or Nutstore account and download the desired file, making it easier to read files on the device.
  • Color Highlight and Line Operation: After the firmware upgrade, users can press and hold the text to draw lines and choose a color for highlighting.
  • New Physical Button Scrolling and Page Turning Operation: Users can set the side key to scroll the page and realize the page-turning operation.
  • Global Image Smoothing: Users can open the image smoothing button to complete the setting.
  • Operation of Adding Handwritten Note Template: Users can choose the template they want and set the template.
  • New Text Note Operation: Users can select text notes and write content.
  • Other Updates: The firmware upgrade includes several other updates, such as the addition of the "never" option for automatic hibernation of Tab series, workspace for some models, side gestures for non-Tab series, RTL reading mode, expanded text translation, increased OCR, and an increase in cloud space.

Adaptation to More Products

The BOOX OS 3.3.2 firmware upgrade will be adapted to more products in the future. This means that more Aragonite tablet products will be able to enjoy the new features and enhancements of the firmware upgrade.

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