Fuji Swiss Branch Unveils X-Pro3 Camera with Traditional Folding Screen Design

Fuji Swiss Branch recently showcased a special X-Pro3 camera with a traditional folding screen design, leaving camera enthusiasts wondering whether this is the X-Pro3 Mark II or a festival joke prepared by the company.

The X-Pro3 camera, which was launched in 2019, is known for its classic rangefinder design and is equipped with X-Tran 4 CMOS sensor, 26.1 million pixels, and X Processor 4 processor, offering high-speed continuous shooting at 30 frames per second. It also boasts of a new photoelectric hybrid viewfinder, which is larger, brighter, and offers higher resolution and wider range, along with the addition of the 10th film simulation mode, Classic Neg.

Discontinuation of X-Pro 3

Reports suggest that the X-Pro 3 camera was discontinued by Fuji at the end of last year. The reason behind the discontinuation remains unclear, with some speculating that it could be to make way for the launch of the X-Pro 4, while others suggest that the sales of X-Pro3 were not good enough, coupled with the continued shortage of parts.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the X-Pro3, Fuji Swiss Branch showcased a unique version of the camera with a traditional folding screen design, giving camera enthusiasts a glimpse of what the X-Pro3 Mark II could look like.

X-Pro3 Camera Features

The X-Pro3 camera is known for its dual-screen display mechanism, featuring a mother and child design, and a comprehensive upgrade of the photoelectric hybrid viewfinder. The folding screen design showcased by the Swiss branch adds a touch of nostalgia to this modern camera, bringing back memories of the folding screen designs popularized by classic film cameras.

Pricing and Availability

The X-Pro3 camera, in its original form, was priced at $1,799 (approximately 12,359 yuan). However, the availability and pricing of the X-Pro3 with the traditional folding screen design remain unclear, as Fuji has not provided any information on the availability or launch of this unique version of the camera.

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