Heroic Brazilian Students Save Drowning Woman, Lose iPhone 11 in the Process

In a heartwarming tale of bravery, a group of Brazilian students risked their own safety to save a drowning woman in Lake Paranoa in Brasilia. During the rescue, however, one of the students lost his iPhone 11 in the water. Despite the setback, the students successfully saved the woman's life, and the lost iPhone became a small price to pay for the act of heroism.

The Rescue Operation

According to reports from local media G1, IT Home, Breno Rafael, a student, and his friends were kayaking when they noticed a woman struggling in the water. Without hesitation, they jumped into action and swam towards the woman to help.

The woman was in a state of panic and struggling to stay afloat, but the students managed to grab her and swim back to shore. During the commotion, Rafael's iPhone 11 slipped out of his pocket and into the water, and it was quickly lost from sight.

The Search for the Lost iPhone

A week later, Rafael discovered a post from diving instructor Edinho Rocha, saying he had found an iPhone in the water and was actively looking for its owner. Rocha's post went viral, and it garnered more than 17,000 views on Instagram.

Rafael contacted Rocha, and he confirmed that the iPhone he found belonged to the student who had saved the drowning woman. Despite being submerged in the water for a week, the iPhone 11 was still in working condition.

The iPhone's Resilience

Apple has offered water resistance since the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 11 supports the IP68 level, meaning it can work normally for 30 minutes under 2 meters of water. However, Rafael's iPhone 11 had been submerged for a week, and it was in the water for much longer than the recommended time frame.

Despite this, the phone was still functional and could be used normally. The iPhone's resilience was a testament to its durability and the engineering efforts put in by Apple to ensure that its devices are reliable and long-lasting.

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