India's Smartphone Exports to Surpass $10 Billion This Fiscal Year

The Indian Cell Phone and Electronics Association (ICEA) has reported that India's smartphone exports are expected to exceed $10 billion this fiscal year, with Apple accounting for more than half of the exports. The Indian government has introduced relevant incentive policies, leading to an increase in investment and production capacity among mobile phone manufacturers.

Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi Invest in India

The ICEA data revealed that Apple accounted for 50% of smartphone exports, while Samsung accounted for 40%, and other mobile phone companies accounted for approximately 10%. This significant increase in exports is due to the introduction of the PLI program, which has resulted in a doubling of India's smartphone exports compared to the previous fiscal year.

The PLI program has encouraged companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi to increase their investment and production capacity in India. The Indian government introduced the PLI program to promote local manufacturing of mobile phones and other electronic components.

Top Destinations for Indian Smartphone Exports

The ICEA report highlighted that the top five destinations for Indian mobile phone exports are the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The report also stated that Apple plans to account for 45%-50% of iPhones produced and assembled in India by 2027.

India's Growing Contribution to iPhone Production

According to DigiTimes, India currently accounts for around 10-15% of the total iPhone production capacity. Apple has been working to increase its presence in India and reduce its dependence on China. The company has started manufacturing some of its iPhone models in India, and it plans to expand this production in the coming years.

The Indian government's efforts to promote local manufacturing and increase exports have encouraged many mobile phone manufacturers to invest in the country. With Apple and other companies increasing their investment and production capacity in India, the country is likely to become an even more important player in the global smartphone market in the coming years.

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