Intel to Launch Xeon Processors with LGA 7529 Socket Design in 2024

Intel, one of the world's largest and most renowned semiconductor companies, is reportedly set to launch new Xeon processors with an LGA 7529 socket design in 2024. According to a presentation shared by UP master @结城安洛-YuuKi_AnS, the upcoming Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest series Xeon processors will feature the new socket design.

Comparison of LGA 7529 and LGA 1700 Socket Sizes

Recently, a reliable source @harukaze5719 shared a picture comparing the size of the LGA 7529 socket and the desktop processor LGA 1700 socket. It is evident from the picture that the size of the LGA 1700 socket is less than a quarter of the size of the LGA 7529 socket.

Comparative Size Data

To put this into perspective, let's take a look at some other comparable size data. The Intel Alder Lake or Raptor Lake CPU measures 45 x 37.5mm, while the traditional credit/bank card dimensions are 85 x 55mm. A deck of playing cards measures 88.9 x 63.5 mm. The AMD Socket SP5 for the latest generation Epyc Zen 4 Genoa CPU measures 75.4 x 72mm, while Intel's Granite Rapids Xeon 9000 CPU socket measures 105 x 70.5mm. The Apple iPhone 13 Mini measures 131.5 x 64.2mm (7.65mm thick), and the Intel NUC 12 Pro is approximately 117 x 112 mm (the "ultra-thin" model has a height of 54 mm).

LGA 7529 Socket Features

The new LGA 7529 socket design is expected to have 12 memory channels, 96 PCIe 5.0 connections per CPU socket, spread across multiple MCIO ports, a huge CXL x32 interface, and a single PCIe x8 slot. This will make it ideal for use in high-performance computing applications, such as data centers, where large amounts of memory and high-speed connectivity are essential.

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