Intel's Birch Stream Platform Details Unveiled

Intel, the world-renowned American multinational corporation, is working on its next-generation Xeon processors, and some details have been leaked online. A set of internal presentation documents about the upcoming processors was recently shared by UP master of domestic B station @结城安洛-YuuKi_AnS. The screenshots of the tweets show that these documents can be traced back to 2021 at the earliest. However, it is important to note that there may be some discrepancies with the actual situation.

Granite Rapids-SP and Granite Rapids-AP Processors to Offer Enhanced Performance

The leaked presentation documents revealed that Intel aims to improve the performance of its upcoming Granite Rapids-SP processors, which will have more than 80 cores, by up to 40%. The Granite Rapids-AP processors, with more than 120 cores, are expected to offer double the performance compared to their predecessors. It is important to note that neither of these two products will be launched this year.

Bilibili UP Host Soul shared the LGA 7529 high-definition motherboard information, which revealed that this slot would support Xeon flagship series processors such as Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest. However, both these products will use a new platform called Birch Stream.

Birch Stream Platform to Support DDR5-6400 Memory and PCIe Gen5

The presentation documents also showed that the Birch Stream platform would support up to 8 lanes of DDR5-6400 memory on Socket E (LGA-4677) out of the box, with a 350W TDP CPU and 88 lanes of PCIe Gen5. The more advanced Socket BR (LGA-7529) platform will support 12 channels of DDR5-6400 memory and up to 96 PCIe Gen5 lanes. Both platforms will support 64 CXL 2.0 lanes.

It is important to note that Granite and Sierra are not the same products. The former is designed for the Redwood Cove "Performance" core, while the latter only uses the Efficient core.

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