Japan builds first domestically produced quantum computer

Japan has built its first domestically produced quantum computer and opened it up to external joint researchers. The ultra-high-speed computer was developed by RIKEN, with 64 qubits integrated on a chip with a length and width of about 2 centimeters. Its performance exceeds that of the 27-qubit computer installed by IBM in Kawasaki City earlier this year.

Quantum Computing for Non-Commercial Research

The quantum computer is currently only open to researchers from cooperative institutions such as Osaka University, and will gradually expand to the industry in the future. As long as it is for non-commercial purposes, researchers can apply for its use. Results can be obtained after instructions are given to the quantum computer through the cloud.

Quantum Computing and its Potential Applications

Quantum computing is a next-generation supercomputer that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to perform high-speed calculations. Its calculation speed is more than 100 million times that of supercomputers, and it is expected to be widely used in finance, chemical industry, medicine, automobiles, and other fields.

Applications of quantum computing include predicting financial markets, developing carbon-reducing materials, and helping scientists discover the next blockbuster drug. However, qubits are easily disturbed and cause calculation errors, and the establishment of error correction technology is the key to practical application.

Limitations of Current Technology

The No. 1 machine made in Japan can only perform basic small-scale calculations at present. It is said that 1 million qubits are required for full utilization and complex and large-scale calculations. Therefore, the establishment of error correction technology remains a crucial factor in the practical application of quantum computing.

Future Expansion and Developments

The quantum computer built by RIKEN is a significant step towards the practical application of quantum computing. By opening it up to external researchers, RIKEN hopes to promote the development of quantum computing and its various applications. In the future, the use of quantum computing is expected to expand to various industries, enabling significant progress in research and development.

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