Lenovo Savior Y70 mobile phone starts ZUI 14.0.769 OTA4 grayscale test

Lenovo, the Chinese multinational technology company, has announced that the ZUI 14.0.769 OTA4 grayscale test has been enabled on the Lenovo Savior Y70 high-performance mobile phone. The grayscale test started today, and users of the Savior Y70 mobile phone can expect the update to be pushed in batches.

ZUI's official Weibo account stated that the first batch of the update will be pushed at 10:00 today, while the second batch will be released on March 28, with the push starting at 10:00 every morning on March 30. However, users should note that this grayscale test is a limited push.

System optimization content of ZUI 14.0.769

The ZUI 14.0.769 OTA4 grayscale test brings several system optimizations to the Lenovo Savior Y70 mobile phone, including:

  • Update system security patches
  • Fix the holiday alarm clock problem
  • Fix the holiday calendar display problem
  • Fix some user feedback sound problems
  • Fix other known issues

Before the ZUI 14.0.769 OTA4 grayscale test, users are advised to back up their important personal data and materials in advance to avoid data loss caused by abnormal conditions. In addition, users may experience short-term heating or power consumption of the mobile phone during the upgrade process. The user can solve this problem by restarting the system after the upgrade is complete.

Grayscale testing - what is it?

Grayscale testing is a software testing methodology that involves deploying a new update or feature to a limited number of users to test its functionality and performance. Grayscale testing is commonly used in the software development process to identify and fix issues before a full-scale release.

In the context of mobile phones, grayscale testing involves releasing updates to a small number of users to test the software's performance in real-world conditions. This testing enables developers to identify and address issues before the update is released to a larger user base.

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