Minister Wang Wentao Meets with Apple CEO Tim Cook

Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao met with Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the company's development in China and the stabilization of industrial and supply chains. The meeting took place amid ongoing efforts by China to promote high-level opening-up and provide a good environment for foreign-funded enterprises.

Introduction to Chinese-style Modernization

At the meeting, Minister Wang introduced the main characteristics and connotations of Chinese-style modernization, emphasizing that China will continue to promote high-level opening-up and steadily promote rules, regulations, management, standards, and other institutional opening-up. He also stated that China is willing to provide a good environment for foreign-funded enterprises including Apple and service.

Apple's Development in China

The two sides exchanged views on issues related to Apple's development in China. Apple is one of the largest foreign investors in China and has a significant presence in the country's technology market. In recent years, Apple has faced challenges in China due to intense competition and increased regulatory scrutiny.

During the meeting, Minister Wang expressed his support for Apple's development in China and encouraged the company to continue to innovate and bring more high-quality products and services to Chinese consumers. He also stressed the importance of Apple's compliance with Chinese laws and regulations.

Stabilization of Industrial and Supply Chains

In addition to discussing Apple's development in China, the two sides also talked about the stabilization of industrial and supply chains. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of global supply chains and underscored the need for countries to work together to ensure their stability.

Minister Wang and CEO Cook discussed ways to strengthen industrial and supply chains in China and the United States. They agreed to explore opportunities for cooperation in areas such as advanced manufacturing, innovation, and technology.

Meetings with Other Foreign Companies

Minister Wang also met with executives from 10 other foreign companies, including President and CEO of Qualcomm An Meng and Chairman of Mercedes-Benz Kang Linsong. These meetings took place on March 23, 24, 26, and 27.

During these meetings, the Minister discussed ways to strengthen cooperation between China and these foreign companies. He emphasized that China is committed to promoting high-level opening-up and creating a good environment for foreign investment.

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