Nvidia to Launch Arm-Based Grace Server CPU in H2 2023

The wait is finally over for tech enthusiasts and data center operators as Nvidia is set to launch its much-awaited Grace server CPU in the second half of 2023. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang confirmed the news, revealing that the Arm-based Grace CPU has been significantly improved, offering 1.3 times the performance of x86 products from competitors while consuming only 60% power.

Grace CPU Development: Faster and More Efficient

According to Huang Renxun, the development of Grace CPU has been faster than other mainstream chip designs, taking only two years to reach the mass production stage. Huang also revealed that Nvidia is working with leading OEM manufacturers and computer makers to implement the chip, signaling the company's ambition to establish a significant presence in the server CPU market.

Grace Hopper: Next-Generation Chip with Improved Performance

At the recent GTC exhibition, Huang Renxun showcased Grace Hopper, the next-generation chip, demonstrating its impressive performance. Huang Renxun revealed that Grace Hopper is on average 1.2 times faster than the next-generation x86 server chip in the HiBench Apache Spark memory-intensive benchmark test, and 1.3 times faster in the Google microservice communication benchmark test, while consuming only 60% of x86 power.

Nvidia Claims Superior Performance for Grace Servers

Nvidia claims that Grace servers can achieve 1.7 times the performance of x86 servers in power-constrained data center environments. The company also claims that Grace is 1.9 times faster on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) workloads, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking high-performance computing solutions.

Market Impact and Industry Response

The launch of Grace CPU is set to shake up the server CPU market, dominated by Intel and AMD, with Nvidia offering a viable alternative for organizations seeking faster and more efficient data processing solutions. Industry experts predict that the adoption of Grace CPU by major OEMs and computer manufacturers could further boost its popularity and cement Nvidia's position in the server CPU market.

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